Music Ministries

Psalms constantly lays out the requirements for us to offer praise to our God through the use of music. What a great privilege! We believe as a music ministry, we have a responsibility to excellence as we use our gifts and talents to serve the Lord and lead our congregation in praise and worship!

  • Praise Team

    Wednesdays at 8 PM


    Each week we lead the congregation before the throne of God in our attempt to offer a true worshiper's heart through singing praises. We take this responsibility seriously. The Bible lays out in Psalm 33:3, "Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise..." and we take this to heart, qualifying all musicians and singers by making the praise team by invitation only.

    For more information, contact Tori Sullivan at 954-421-0190.

  • Choir

    Wednesdays throughout Easter & Christmas seasons at 6:30 PM


    Because not everyone necessarily has a showcase singing voice, it seems unfair to the rest of us who can hold a tune but not necessarily hold an audience! In this case we band together and become one voice and sing as a choir. The choir sings special song selections during services at Easter & Christmas time to bless our congregation and community.

    For more information, contact Tori Purchase at 954-421-0190.